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                Badminton Match
                Badminton Match
                2015 Wenzhou Yihua autumn games-badminton competition successfully held at new gymnasium on November 15. Participants from different departments, factories, and total 40 teams, more than 80 athletes to compete.
                In tight, warm atmosphere of the game, all the players went all out, show their sports spirit and skill.  After several rounds of konckout stages and finals match, top three of the men's doubles, and women's doubles eventually decided. (Mixed doubles finals will be held on Saturday of this week).
                After match, athletes said it is not impotant to win the games, the important is that the games made staff play badminton together, promote staff friendship so as to  strengthen company cohesion. The games also brings our staff more happiness from sports.
                This games supports a communication& interactive platform. They learn from each other and improve their badminton skills at the same time, also let them to actively participate in sports activities, enhance the awareness of fitness &health. It plays an active role in  sports and cultural activities of  Yihua company.
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